Unblocked This, Unblocked That, Why?


Blocked website

Vivian Smith, Reporter

Why is “everything” blocked on these Chromebooks!?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed how games and or websites have been blocked all over. I always see students searching for “unblocked slope” and much more. Why are we being restricted from these items? 

I don’t have an answer to that question, however, I have asked a few West students their personal opinion on this topic. You’re more than welcome to share yours in the comments or elsewhere. 

“I think students should be able to enjoy and play the games they want to during their free time or primetime,” Ella Stults, West Student, stated. 

I agree with Ella when she says this, kids should be able to get the freedom of playing these games during free time, primetime is a different story, as we all know, primetime is what we call “reading time” so it may be a different story, but we should definitely get to play those games during the free time we get in our classes.

“Kids are always typing unblocked before a search, for like a game or something,” Hala Dent, West Student, said. Yes!, Hala is right, kids are always searching up unblocked games, websites, ect. 

Why’s the district keeping these games and websites from us?