Our paw-pular fur-friend, Leon, is back in action.

Gavin Harris and Ava Daniels

On Friday May 13th, Mr. Smiley interrupted announcing to students that leon was back  Students were heard cheering from Mr. Woosters classroom from other rooms.       

Leon, the therapy dog is back in the building! Mr. Wooster has given us extra information on the school board meeting that allowed Leon back. Mr. Wooster stated that on Tuesday, the Plymouth-Canton School Board approved service and therapy dog requirements.

If there is a student with a 504 plan that requires a dog for a medical need, the student can now bring the service dog to school. A 504 plan is an agreement with the school that supports students with different needs. For example, a student who has seizures might use a service dog to alert someone that the seizure is coming. This student would have a 504 plan for the dog to attend school. 

Mr. Wooster added, “[the school board] also approved Superintendent Merritt to be able to start a therapy dog program with specific requirements with certain information that is also required.”

Many students are super stoked to have Leon back in the halls and classroom.