The Fruit Pizza in LME is a Crowd Pleaser!


Alyse Heering and Caroline Fenner, Reporter


 “I try to make recipes that the whole class would like, fruit pizza is one of the things we make because I think its a fun easy tasty recipe”. Mrs Bazzi said.


Mrs. Bazzi introduces the recipe by having a “demonstration day” where she teaches the class how to make the fruit pizza. Then next day, the class makes the dough, then the following day the class decorates the “pizza”. 

Fruit pizza is a dessert and is great in the summertime because of the fresh fruits. 


Our personal experience making fruit pizza is that our dough tasted like flour. We still have work to do on our recipe. 


The ingredients you will need for this recipe are sugar, milk, softened butter, egg, flour, baking powder, salt, cream cheese, vanilla, and you’re choice of fruit.