What about our phones?


Gavin Harris, reporter

No phones on the 7th grade Bowling Field Trip!? Students are outraged. 

Teachers do not see a point in students having their cell phones because they are worried students won’t engaged with other. Teaches are worried students will just play games and talk to anyone.

However, many students want to take pictures to remember this trip. They want to have these pictures to look back on and remember the good time they had.  We want to take fun videos and just enjoy ourselves.

I would now like to hear others’ opinions on what some students would use their phones for.
West 7th grade student Julia Myers,”My opinion about these phone rule its unfair because we are off of school property. What if something happens and you need to call someone? Also, the 8th graders got to take there phone on DC but we can’t.” This is a good point, the rules are consistent. 

“Away for the day,”  But why on the field trip??????

Now what do you think?