Bleachers are off-limits and dangerous to Students


Ava Daniels, reporter

Is it dangerous? Is it because of Covid restrictions? So many people are eager to know why the bleachers are off-limits.

The bleachers by the baseball field are old, rickety, and full of splinters and rusty nails which is becoming dangerous to kids. The bleachers are not owned by West but are on West’s property. 

 Mr. Smiley, our principal, had told me that the bleachers are used for spectators at baseball and softball games, but they are very unsafe and in order to keep students safe, the bleachers are off-limits. This may be frustrating because it can be tempting to go on but for now, it’s off-limits  

Many students have been annoyed by this situation. In my opinion, I think that there’s no point in keeping this old, run-down bleacher if it has potential to injure kids. 

Here are other students’ input on this situation. Sofie Martinez, West 7th grader says, “I don’t think the bleachers should still be up if there is no way to use them, keeping some old bleachers that you can only stare at has no use for anyone.  They should just ask to take them down so no kids get yelled at for being on them anymore.” 

Another student, Marleigh Hammond states, “I don’t get why it’s there if it’s off limits.” Most students think it’s unnecessary to keep the bleachers up if no one can even use them.

I hope the dangerous bleachers are taken down for the safety of West Students and other kids.