Why do some students not try during gym class?



Paxton Prosser, Reporter

Gym class is amazing for many reasons. One of those reasons is that there are so many different types of sports to try. Some students use gym class to show off their talents, while others just want to relax.

Currently, PE classes are in their soccer unit, which a lot of people love. Some people don’t love soccer and rather stand and wait until the game is over. Why do some people not compete in gym? It mainly depends on if you are good at the unit.

Gavin Bright, West Middle School 7th grader, stated, “ I think that it depends on whether you are good at the sport or not.” Some people just love all sports and are really competitive, that is why they try really hard in gym class.

Whether you try in gym class or not, at least try to help your team in gym. All of the units in gym have different skill sets that apply to different people and kids tend to only try hard at things they are good at. That’s a problem. Then kids just sit around and ruin it for the kids that want to try hard.

No matter how you view gym class, just remember, IT’S ALL FOR FUN.