Friendly Fire in Gym Class


Vivian Smith, Reporter

West gym classes are currently in the soccer unit. They have been going outside daily to play competitive games. Whether you’re good at soccer or not, you can expect some of your teammates to be intense and some smack talking to the other team.

“Usually it doesn’t really matter what team we’re on, we kinda just make jokes with each other, like the other day Keshav kicked the ball out of bounds, and Brady goes ‘Omg Keshav that was such a goofy kick’ and so now we all just have that inside joke,” Eva Greene, West student, shared.
Showing that even if you’re playing against the opposing team, you can still be friendly with one another outside of the game. 

“Usually we’re not like super mean to the other teams, but like that competitiveness is what were really going for, but like off the field were all good,” Eva Greene West student, said. 


These active players aren’t purposefully being rude to the other team, this is them simply showing off their competitive side to their own team and attempting to motivate their teammates.


“When someone on your team, you’ll appear a lot nicer to your teammates, like when someone makes a goal, you would hear ‘Go so and so!’ and you’ll always see the team cheering afterward,” Eva Greene, West student, stated.

 What happens on the field, stays on the field.