Keshav Desaraju is the 2022-2023 Student Council President!


Graham Murphy, Reporter

Keshav? More like KeSHAVE!

The votes have been tallied and Keshav Desaraju will be our 2022-2023 West Student Council President.

Keshav swayed votes by making a funny video that he thought students would find interesting. Some students who were running made posters and gave out candy. “I also made pins and gave them out to advertise,” Keshav says. 

Keshav might have won because in his video he promised that if he did win, he would shave his head. There were many students that didn’t believe that he would do it, but when he came back from Memorial Day weekend he had a shaved head.

“For my religious ceremony, I had the choice whether or not to shave my head and winning student council gave me another reason why I should,” Keshav explained. 

Keshav said he was a little nervous but overall pretty confident about winning the presidential election. The winners of the representative election will be announced at the end of the day on Wednesday, June 1st.