Mrs. D’Angelo is in her “Prime” Teaching Math + Kids Love her too


Mrs. D’Angelos special Recipricow

Caroline Fenner, Reporter

Did you know Mrs. D’Angelo  was actually supposed to be a science teacher when she started? There weren’t any science teacher jobs available so she got her first job as a math teacher. It must have been meant to be because Mrs. D’Angelo is a wonderful math teacher!

Mrs. D’Angelo is honestly the best teacher… in my opinion at least. She teaches things in a way that kids will understand. She really helped me in 6th grade. She made it so that I could finally understand math. She seemed like the first teacher that I could actually understand.  She makes sure there is a lot of movement in her lessons and makes sure that students understand the material before giving a test. 

“I make sure to talk to my students and make them welcome when they feel like the odd one out. You do silly things and things that will make your students remember you.” Mrs. D’Angelo is excellent building relationships with her students. 

She loves her dog Copper, “Copper is my most adorable family member, she cuter than any dog on the whole planet and she’s cuter than any one of my sons.” In her free time’ she likes to bake, watch her son play baseball, make ornaments, clean and read. She’s a very interesting person. 

“She did a lot of memorable things,” Matthew Falkenberg, former student said.

” Caroline (me) is my favorite student of all time.” Last year, at the start of school, Mrs. D’Angelo was nervous because her class was so quiet, and I made her feel better by talking to her.  Mrs. D’Angelo said to “follow Caroline on social media.”