Memorial Day


Mira Abdallah, reporter

“I’m happy we had a day off and it’s fun to see America flags out at people’s houses,” said West 7th grader, Alexia Reed. We all were happy to have Memorial Day off, especially since the holiday is on a Monday. It always feels good having an extra-long weekend. 

“We probably will play cards with my family and it’s very nice just to spend time with family on this day off,” said West 7th grader, Amari Patton. I agree. You should spend time with your loved ones/family and do activities with them!

Memorial Day is a holiday that mourns the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces. 

“I love the free day off and since a lot of people don’t like Monday, It’s nice to have it off!” said West 7th grader, Julia Myers. 

It looks like a lot of people love the fact that we have a Monday off! How do you feel about it and what did you do on Memorial Day? Leave a comment below>>