Where in the world is Carl Azuz?


Cara Jones, Reporter

On September 12, 2022, West students settled into their social studies class to watch the latest CNN 10, but instead of hearing Carl Azuz’s energetic voice, they were disappointed to see a man named Coy Wire. Kids were outraged and started asking, “What happened to Carl?”

“I’ve heard two rumors…that he left because he wanted to continue to keep on doing CNN 10 from his house, but CNN would make him do it from the studio, but he refused to do it so he quit, and the other reason is that CNN let a lot of people go and Carl Azuz was one of them,” Mr. Foley states.

Carl did not say the reasoning behind why he left but he did explain he left for “personal decisions”.  Carl Azuz will not be on CNN 10, but Carl did note that “You may see me around.” Does that mean he will be on other stations, or will he start his on a news channel?

The most reasonable reason to me is that Carl Azuz left because he wanted to keep doing it from his house but CNN wouldn’t let him film from his house. The reason why I think Carl Azuz is not CNN 10 anymore is because of one of the rumors that Mr. Foley said, he left because he still wanted to work from his house but CNN wouldn’t let him, I think that because Carl Azuz himself said that he left for “personal reasons”.

It is safe to say, that Coy Wire is not winning West students over with his powerless personality. Bring back Carl! How do you feel about it? Comment below!