Fall Fashion Trends


Raneem Hussein, Reporter

Shealyn Setter, West 7th grader, and Fashion Icon give intel on how to stay trendy this Fall.

“Most of the time I shop at thrift stores and it varies which thrift store I go to and it just varies me and defines me, it’s always a mystery and the prices are good there,” Shealyn states.

Styles that are “in” right now are sweaters, hoodies, legging pants, long socks, and jeans.

Shaelyn also recommends “adding more jewelry like rings maybe, different types of earrings, and even like socks those little things can just add like volume to your outfit and it’s a good thing to add because of like dress code at schools like this.”

“Some of my favorite pieces to wear are sweater vests and buttons ups I find them very kind of unique you can add different vests to different buttons ups its kind of an easy thing to do when you don’t know what to wear,” Shealyn states her comfortable, unique, easy clothing looks.

Personally, my favorite look is street-style, with Jeans and a classic long shirt. Skirts paired with long sleeves sweaters are also cute. You can find this look at Hollister or American Eagle.

Shaelyn’s favorite looks reflect her personality, so she goes for old classic looks. My advice is to accessorize to flaunt your personality. Pick things you like and feel comfortable in.