No.2 Football Recruit, Dante Moore, Drops 56 on a Good Opponent


Lucas Lichtner and Carson Burke

On Friday, Sept. 23, Henry Ford High School went against Martin Luther King High School (MLK) who is led by Oregon commit Dante Moore. Moore is the number 2 recruit and went crazy in that game, scoring 56 points against MLK. Dante Moore has a giant arm and has extremely elite accuracy. Dante Moore is also being personally mentored by Cam Newton, NFL player.

Moore started out hot throwing great passes including a 50-yard bomb before he calmed down, and the defense started to shine with a couple of sacks and a pick to rap and lock the game up. It was a great game and an awesome experience.

Moore is a highly sought prospect in the country he has committed to Oregon to start his college football career, and on top of that, he collected a fat check for $700,000 in NIL deals which is one of the highest in the world. He has become one of the most anticipated college players in the class of 2023.

Mooreโ€™s MLK is currently 3-0 in his high school football league. Dante Moore also took the team to a state championship at Ford Field MLK just barely took the win with the final score being 25-21.

So far Moore has had 4604 passing yards and threw 56 touchdown passes in his high school career. Dante Moore also throws with 70% accuracy Compared to Drew Brees in his best season which was 71 % and is an NFL record.

Moore is shaping up to be one of the best young players. We am personally very excited to see how he performs with the Oregon offense which has proven to be one of the most electrifying players in the world and Moore is set out to start his first season because Bo Nix is on his last year of eligibility. So we wish Moore the best of luck.