What to Expect for Incoming Sixth Graders


Lucas Dyc and Max Poole

Stressed about starting middle school?

Here are some helpful tips to ease your nerves!!!

To start, you ALWAYS want to get to class before the bell rings. Jake Duffina, West 7th grader, says, “Don’t hang out in the hallways!” We agree, ESPECIALLY if your classes are far away!

Secondly, grades are important. Like, remember in elementary school when you got 1s,2s,3, and 4s? Well, now remember you are going to get a LETTER GRADE! To manage your grades and to stay on top of your assignment you should:

  • Check Mistar! Mistar has all of your grades, classes, and important information you may need to know (phone number addresses ECT)
  • ASK QUESTIONS!!!! Teachers are there for a reason. You may have a missing assignment or they might have incorrectly graded something, OR you may just not understand the directions, you need to ask questions. 
  • Homework and homework take up a BIG part of your grades and if you’re not doing it your grades will PLUMMET and I’m serious!!!

Another VERY important thing to know in sixth grade is organization.

If you’re not organized you can easily lose your things. We’re serious. Here are a few things that will help, Always make sure your locker is clean and organized. If not your papers will be DESTROYED. Having ripped-up papers can reflect on your grade. Teachers may not even accept them (and you don’t want that to happen).

Another thing is to have different folders for different classes, or different sections in your binder! If you don’t, then you can lose things like homework, schoolwork, and sometimes GREEN CARDS (you also don’t want that)! We hope this helps you get a good start to sixth grade!