West Football Athletes

Max Poole and Lucas Dyc

Current West Football Athletes

These athletes at west play Football for different teams in the area.
We picked these few athletes because they are really into Football!

Lucas Lichtner (7), plays for West Catholic Football the best opponent the team faced he said “Divine Child was the hardest opponent we played”, and the easiest team he faced was “ The Orchard lake catholic”. West Catholic finished their season 4-4.

Liam Korte (7) stated, plays for the Plymouth Steelers Football. Liam says that the hardest team was “The Orchard lake Cardinals” he also said that the easiest team was the “Varsity Westland Comets”.(Plymouth steelers website)

Isaac Schaeffer (6) plays for the Plymouth Steelers he said that the hardest team he played was “the Rochester Maroone” and the easiest team was Westland Meteors. His record is 7-1

Kaden Gonzales (8) He plays for Varsity Westland Comets he said that the easiest team was the “lake view area team” and the hardest team was the “Orchard lake Cardinals”.

So if you were wondering about some football athletes at W.M.S here, you go!