In need of a book? Book fair October 24th


Elyse Regner and Alyssa Demeester

West’s upcoming book fair is next week, October 24-28th!

Each ELA class will go down on a certain day and time. 6th graders will go down on Monday, October 24th. 7th graders go on Tuesday, October 25th. And Wednesday, October 26th, for the 8th graders.

The book fair will remain open Thursday and Friday, but students can only enter with a teacher’s permission.

There will be a family event Wednesday, October 26th, from 3:00-5:30 pm. The family event is where parents, siblings, or any family member can come and buy anything from the book fair.

Books prices will be different for each book, normally costing around $5-$30. At the book fair, there are not only books but there are also posters you can purchase for $10. You will also be able to purchase cool pencils, erasers, notebooks, diaries, keychains, calculators, etc.

Be sure to bring money for West Middle School’s 2022 book fair!