Most popular Starbucks drink!


VIctoria Tan and Scarlett McMullen

Starbucks and Panera baked goods.

Cara Jones

The other day I was at Starbucks so I decided to ask one of the employees what the top three most popular drinks were. I was almost sure she was going to say the “pink drink”, but no, I was wrong.

The employee’s name I spoke to was Scooby. Scooby has been working for Starbucks for 1 year! She has worked at 3 different Starbucks locations.

“The top three drinks (according to her) at Starbucks are a caramel macchiato, strawberry acai lemonade, and pumpkin cream cold brew,” Scooby the Starbucks employee states.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t order any of those because I don’t like coffee and the strawberry acai lemonade is way too sweet. So what I order at Starbucks is either a pink drink with mocha cold foam. It tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries and it’s delicious. Or in the winter I order a normal white chocolate hot chocolate. They are both really good and I think you should try them.

What’s your Starbucks order? Comment down below!