Glory Days: Mr. Majszak’s Hockey Experience


Have you ever wondered what your teachers were like in high school?

Well, Mr. Majszak, our 7th grade science teacher, was a hockey player at Canton High School, he was the captain of his team.

Mr. Majszak described a memorable game, “My team was down 3-1, with a minute and a half left, and then we took a penalty, so we were short handed, which means they had five players vs. our four, and then I scored 3 shorthanded goals to come back and win the game in the next 1:20.”
Mr. Majszak played hockey for one year at Canton High School, “it was the first year they got hockey up at Park, and that was my senior year.” Because of this he never got a varsity jacket.

Mr. Majszak played for multiple teams such as Plymouth Stingrays, Canton High School, and played college hockey at Eastern Michigan University.
“I had a good experience [at EMU]” stated Mr. Majszak. “It was fun getting to travel around to different colleges and seeing different campuses. We went to the University of Illinois, Iowa state, Arizona State, Penn State, and a bunch of others.”

“I tell all my kids this, it was fun, and there were a lot of great experiences, but what I take from it all now, are the friends I made and still talk to”.

Mr. Majszak advice for middle school hockey players is, “Don’t get caught up in the emotion of wins and losses and who you play for and rankings, enjoy the process and try your hardest”.

Majszak started playing at age 8, his neighbor got him into hockey. His parents got him into skating when he was 3 years old.