People At The PBIS Reward Got Sturdy


Declan Quinn and Lucas Dyc

They laughed. They clapped. They cheered. Some even sturdied.

Last week’s PBIS assembly was far more interesting than students anticipated.

During the assembly, many things happened, such as Dodgeball featuring students and staff, and tower of shaving cream again featuring students and staff. Even a three-legged race! Although, that ended in controversy because of possible cheating by Mrs.Horvath and Mrs.Rieboldt.

 Tug of war again was presented with cheating! This one was all the teachers that were participating. 

“Loved all the positivity,” says seventh grader Ellie Krot. This seems to line up with many other things people have said.

Of course, other people would say the “Get Sturdy” contest stole the show. The overall 7th-grade winner was Benly Alley, but a close second was Mrs.Rieboldt.

In the 6th-grade PBIS reward, Christian Cook won the sturdy contest, and Ameera Younes won for 8th grade.