Spotlight of the Week: Avery West

Mackenzie Nellis, Reporter

“I like cheer because it’s really upbeat and it’s just like a safe space for me.” Avery West, West 7th grader, is an amazing cheerleader, and volleyball player.

Avery is currently in her first year of cheer and is excited to see what the season has to offer her.  “Currently, I am on the Livonia Orioles Cheer team.”

 I choose Avery specifically because she is a very talented new cheerleader. Avery is very passionate about cheerleading and sees a lot more of it in her future.

“This season, we don’t stunt because our coaches say we have to earn it.” Stunts are defined as building performances that display a team’s skill or dexterity and are almost like a lift or group trick. A very popular cheer stunt is called a “basket”. A basket is where the cheer flyer is thrown up into the air and caught with their legs hung over the front of the catcher’s arms. 

 I think Avery is very talented and she definitely has a bright future ahead of her in cheer.