Under the Lights (Part 2)


Lucas Lichtner, Reporter


This game was hard fought but was decided with big explosive plays. Northville tried their hardest but Catholic central (CC) started to run away with some big plays, but in the end, CC came on top 42-17


CC (Catholic Central) started with the ball and started out hot running the ball hard inside the tackles. CC was in Northville territory and the CC student section was going off. Even though it was an away game the CC student section was louder than the Northville student section and by a lot.


Then their quarterback Beau Jackson (which is a great name for a football player) made a clutch 12-yard throw on 2nd down to put them in scoring position. Then handed it off to Alabama baseball commit Evan Haeger. He bounced off some Northville linebackers and then sprinted in for a 22-yard touchdown. Even though that was just the first drive it set the tone for the rest of the game.


Northville’s offense took the field for the first time and they had some big chunk plays but never caught enough steam to score and settled for 3. This also set the tone for the rest of the game.


While Catholic Central had momentum scoring touchdowns left and right, Northville was barely able to put up points. While only stars could shine on Northville, CC was a smooth cohesive team with a lot of chemistry and that’s how I believe CC won and dominated the game.