No Clear Cut Winner For the Heisman


Carson Burke, reporter

The Heisman race is becoming more talked about as we near the end of the college football season. People are asking the question of who’s winning it this year?  I’m here to tell you the top 3 players. 

The first player being considered for the Heisman is Hendon Hooker. Hendon has become a breakthrough star in the SEC division.  Hendon is the quarterback for Tennessee.  He has created a lot of attention around his rising stats.    His quarterback rating is 90.2 which has made him the second-best overall quarterback.  Hendon also has created mass attention for only throwing two interceptions going into week 11.  Hendon has proven himself to be a dominant force in the SEC.

The next player being considered for the Heisman trophy is C.J. Stroud.  He is the quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes.  His quarterback rating is 90.9 which makes him the highest-ranked quarterback in college football.  C.J. is tied for first with 34 touchdowns so far this season.  He has shown how he can consistently run a good offense.  His name has been mentioned in winning a Heisman since week one of the season. 

Finally, the player that is just gaining traction in the Heisman race is Caleb Williams.  He is the quarterback for the USC Trojans. Caleb is an aggressive rusher while still being able to throw perfect passes.  He has thrown 31 touchdown passes and 6 rushing touchdowns while only throwing 2 interceptions.  Caleb is turning out to be an athletic player who is only a sophomore.

These are only the most sought-after players in the Heisman race but anyone could still win this trophy in the remaining weeks.