What would YOU do if you were a BIllionaire?


Elyse Regner , Reporters

What would YOU do if you were a millionaire?


Makenzie Nellis, 7th grade: “Something I would do is I would buy a massive house with a huge pool. I would get two dogs and two cats. I would give some of my money to charity. And I would like to stay in Michigan because I love Michigan and I don’t like hot weather, so I like all of the seasons so I would stay in Michigan.” 

Mr. Wells’s 7th-grade teacher “Something I would do is make sure everyone I know in my family is okay and has enough money. If not, I would give them some money so then they are okay and have a nice house too. I would still have a house in  Michigan because I love Michigan. But I would want to buy other houses on like Islands… I would own one in the Caribbean, Mexico, And other Islands. So then I can go to each house for like one or two weeks in a row.  The last thing I would do as a PE teacher would be to make my own gym facility, like The Legacy Foundation, so then I can train kids and make them better as a PE teacher. “

Mrs. Kulczycki Assistant principal, “Something I would do is travel all around the world and eat lots of food. Because that has been my dream ever since I was little.” “What I would love is probably Colorado because me and my family are a really big skier family. If I could move there I would move there now. That’s why I would move there if I was a billionaire. I would also buy everything everyone wanted for West and make West an even better school.” 

Alyssa 7th grader student, “Something I would do is I would move out of Michigan and go live somewhere really hot since I love the hot weather and dislike the cold weather here.” “I would come up with a new brand of mascaras that can become really popular, so then I can get even more money, and afford more things.