New Quarter and New Electives


Avery West, Reporter

 Monday, November 7th, 2022 was the start of the second quarter!

 The sixth graders are transitioning into their new elective classes for the first time. 

Sixth graders have been scrambling around the hallways trying to find their classes, from what it looks like, they’ve done a great job!

 Elliot Messina,  a West 6th grader shared, “At first I was really nervous, but my friends and I have the same electives, so it helped with my nerves” 

Caroline Walling, a West 6th grader shared that she wasn’t nervous at all. She stated, “I wasn’t nervous, I figured I would do well.” she also shared, “Having my friends in my classes helped me very much.”

      There are many new 7th graders, including myself, and even some eighth graders, but it is more significant for 6th graders because they are fresh out of elementary school.  

Good luck to everyone and their new elective classes!