Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving is Here!


Charles Schultz

Raneem Hussein, Reporter

Thanksgiving Break is in just a few days. The holiday is often celebrated by surrounding ourselves with family and food. Thanksgiving is also a time when we celebrate what we are thankful and grateful for. 

Ayva Healey, the West 7th grader, said her favorite food that she hopes is on her Thanksgiving table is her mother’s homemade mac and cheese. I for one would agree with Ayva that mac and cheese is a good dish for Thanksgiving because it’s very creamy.

Chloe James, the West 7th grader, can’t wait to eat pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin pie but I mostly like apple pie. Apple pie I find sweet and for some reason sugary.

Dalya Jaber, the West 7th grader, loves to eat red lobster and mac and cheese together. To me, that sounds really good. I’ve never tried that dish but it sounds well mixed together.

Sarah Donofrio, the West 7th grader, loves pumpkin cheesecake or Fettucine. In my opinion, I don’t like cheesecake but I would love to try pumpkin cheesecake.

My favorite Thanksgiving meal is turkey with gravy or mashed potatoes with gravy. For dessert, I like smashed fruit tart cake that’s layered in a jar. Comment down below what your favorite meal/dessert is.