Is Thanksgiving Better Than Christmas?


Melina Bekiares and Genevieve Gladd

Now that Halloween has ended, people are starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Red and green lights, Christmas trees, the stress of gift shopping-There’s nothing like the holidays. But the real question is: Thanksgiving VS Christmas. Which is better?

A lot of people would have said Christmas, because you would get gifts, and you get to be with the ones you love. To some people, Christmas might mean much more than other holidays, because it was the day Jesus Christ was born. However, Thanksgiving is often overlooked.

On Thanksgiving, you usually gather with family, eat good food, and reflect on everything you’re thankful for in life. It’s a tradition. But, most people generally like Christmas better than Thanksgiving, because most Americans generally do not appreciate what they have. Instead, they like the feeling you have when receiving a gift from someone. But who can forget about the warm memories, laughter, pumpkin pie, and college football? The year just wouldn’t be complete. Besides, Thanksgiving is one of those big stress relievers, where you can just relax and unwind with some good food.

Raneem Hussein, West 7th grade student, says, “Christmas is better because you have a lot of festive(ness) going around, you get to decorate a tree and fireplace, and you get to spend a lot of time with family rather than just eating with them.” Raneem states.

Some people will say, “But Thanksgiving just doesn’t feel the same!” and that is partially true – but after you kick back, relax, and eat some Thanksgiving food, you’ll change your mind. Though Thanksgiving isn’t as nostalgic as Christmas is, you can still enjoy it with your family, as Christmas is just stress. Holiday shopping, going to Grandma’s, and setting up the tree and decorations is all just too much.

However, Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy with your family. Some of my favorite memories are from Christmas. It’s the best time of the year, when you can spend time with your family, and open gifts by the fireplace. Also, the snow has some advantages. You can ski, snowboard, ice skate, and sled. The snow is so beautiful shimmering on the tree branches. Just picture yourself in the backseat of your car, sipping warm hot chocolate, looking at all the Christmas lights while it’s dark out, while also listening to It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Andy Williams is playing in the background. Think about it.

So, what will replace your spooky skeletons and pumpkins this year? Christmas lights and Frosty The Snowman? Or will it be Turkeys and pumpkins? Let us know in the comments!