Including Others at West Helps our Community!


West 7th graders working on Spanish outside

Cecilia Barker, Reporter

Have you ever started a new school? Or have transferred from virtual school to in-person school? Well, many West students have. I am one of those students.

West is an amazing school! When I was first dropped off in front of West I was worried and a little scared. I went through the day and became a little more comfortable with the schedule, the teachers, and having a locker. The more I  learned, the more comfortable I got! 

I started making some friends by asking the person next to me in class a simple question. Sometimes just talking to the person next to you or saying something like, “Hey, how’s your day today?” or “Was there homework last night?” helped me introduce myself to new people. Sometimes people need to go out of their comfort zone to find new friends.

If you aren’t a new student at West, you can help people who might be having a rough time. Asking simple questions and including others helps kids whose friends have left them or whose friends kicked them out of the group. 

We are sometimes so focused on ourselves that we don’t realize the people we might be hurting. If you see someone who is alone, talk to them, or invite them over to sit with your friends.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted,” by Greek Fabulist, Aesop.

Every little act of kindness goes a long way. This will help others when they are down. This helps you when you are down.