Why are there no Vending Machines at West Middle School?


Cara Jones

Are you thirsty at school but you forgot your water at home?  West Middle School should have vending machines. But more than just boring old water.

In my opinion, I think that West Middle School should have vending machines because the vending machine we have right now doesn’t work. So maybe if we got one it could have water, vitamin water, and more options than just water.

Let’s say a kid after school had volleyball practice in the west but they forgot their water. They wouldn’t have anything to drink and would be dehydrated. But if we had vending machines they could just go buy water there then all of their problems would be solved and they could continue their volleyball practice.

“A few years ago West Middle School wanted to have healthier snacks at school but vending machines didn’t really have the healthiest snacks,” Stem teacher Mr. Trzeciak stated. “…But we also have the water fountains which I think is a healthier version of vending machines.” I do agree with Mr. Trzeciak, but I also think that vending machines can have more than just sugar drinks and candy. They can also have healthier versions of them. Such as tea, sparkling water, and water of course.

This is why in my opinion West Middle School should have vending machines. What do you think? Leave a comment below!