Meyer Glory days


Jeffrey Androsian

Have you ever wondered what your teachers did in high school? Well Mr. Meyer, the 6th-grade social studies teacher. Meyer got to play one of the best teams in the state at the time which was Delasalle High school. His team got all the way up to the conference championship game. Meyer played soccer at Roseville highschool. And it was the first time that Roseville High school won the conference in years. The team won when Mr.Meyer was in his junior year of high school.


When Mr. Meyer was a senior in High school he got into the all-conference team, Meyer won a special medal. Meyer also was a captain in his senior year. Meyer played center back and a center back is a defender that was by the goalie. Meyer played soccer all four years of high school, two years in junior varsity and two years in varsity. Varsity is the best team in high school and junior varsity is the lower level that can work their way up to varsity.