Why Do People Skip Over Thanksgiving and Go Straight to Christmas?


Caitlyn Blasch

Christmas Tree in Downtown Plymouth.

Melina Makled, Writer

Why do people go straight to celebrating Christmas after Halloween? 

Maybe it’s because they dislike Thanksgiving or just rather have presents instead of eating food? Maybe some people think that Christmas is better because you get gifts. Perhaps some people like Christmas more because of the Christmas spirit. 

Personally, I like both. On Thanksgiving, you get to see friends and get to eat food. We get to have twinkies, cupcakes, turkey, chicken, chips, hummus, and much other delicious food! 

On Christmas, I get presents and get to make presents and buy gifts for others. I enjoy making cookies and putting up decorations and stockings. Every Christmas morning, we make cinnamon rolls to eat. 

The downside of both of the holidays is they’re both very cold. Thanksgiving might be boring for some people. I used to get bored a lot because the little kids in my family watch Mickey Mouse and the adults were taking pictures and adoring them. 

On Christmas, a lot of people get their pictures taken and don’t like getting them taken. My aunt always takes pictures of all my family members. She loves taking pictures with her camera. 

“I threw up at Thanksgiving once and didn’t like it since.” Genevieve Gladd stated. She likes Christmas more than Thanksgiving and if that had happened to me, I probably would dislike it too. 

My parents decorate for Christmas right after Halloween because they don’t want to do it in the cold. I didn’t realize that it would get so cold so quickly. It went from 67 on Halloween to 38 on November 6.  

No matter how you feel, I feel that people should make sure not to rush the holiday Thanksgiving. If you want to put your Christmas decorations up, go for it. However, don’t forget to slow and down and be thankful.