Winter activities you could do for fun


Jack Roehl

There are many activities I like to do during Winter to keep me entertained. One of my favorite activities to do is to go sledding. It is super fun to climb up the hill and once you finally get to the top, all that work will not be wasted. Hop on the sled and start sliding down and have the time of your life.

Another activity that I like to do is building snow forts with my sister. We always spend a few hours making a bunch of snowballs like we’re gonna make a snowman, then we put them all together and make a giant fort. Sometimes we also make snowmen and use carrots, rocks, and sticks, and put accessories on them.

Something else I like to do is go to Starbucks and get some holiday drinks like hot chocolate. When we’re done getting that we can go to a light show with a bunch of Christmas lights and watch them, it’s always cool to see.