Interested in ice skating?


Lucas Dyc, Writer

I have been ice skating for two years. 

This one night after school, my friend Juliet, Audrey, Riley, and Ryan, asked me to go ice skating. I didn’t have any ice skates. We went to Audrey’s ice skating rink in her backyard and Riley loaned me some ice skates. 

I had so much fun!!! Afterward, I immediately went out and bought my own hockey skates.

It is so satisfying to go out on the ice. I love lacing up my skates and skating around.  Every day that the pond is fully frozen, I go to the pond and ice skate with my friends. The pond is right behind my house in our neighborhood. 

Ice skating is a great activity to do after school with friends and family. Instead of sitting around inside playing video games or scrolling through your phone, go outside and ice skate.