Why is it Important to be a Good Teammate?

West Volleyball 2020

Annabel Sweet

West Volleyball 2020

Alyssa Demeester, Reporter

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

 Being a good teammate is important because your attitude can affect how you play your sport. 

First, I interviewed Avery West. Avery is a 7th grader that plays basketball, cheer, soccer, and volleyball.

“Having a bad mindset is not good when playing your sport. When you do something wrong in the play, you can get frustrated and that can impact how the other teammates play too. Because it’s a team sport which would include the entire team’s effort,” Avery West claims.

Being a good teammate can go a long way. 

“When playing your sport it is important to be a good teammate. You need to encourage your teammates because like I have said, if someone is in a bad mood it may affect the rest of the team. So, you need to respect your teammates and have a good attitude,” Avery has stated.

When being a good teammate, can prove how much you like your sport. You can make friendships on your teams, and be excited to attend practices and games.