Teams in the College Football Playoffs


Lucas Lichtner and Carson Burke

With the Collage Football Playoffs looming the discussion about who will make it has come up. At this moment, there are 5 possible teams that might make it and four teams that would make the playoffs if the seasons ended today. These teams’ 6 teams are the University of Georgia,University of Michigan, TCU, and USC.


  1. Georgia University is one of the most impressive teams in the FBS. They have a staggering defense with an old-fashioned offense that puts up points. Georgia also has a top offensive line.


  1. the University of Michigan has only two ranked wins but those were against numbers 2 and 11 at the time of the wins. These wins were both blowouts. Both of these games were won by over 21 points.

  2. TCU is one of the only 3 teams to be undefeated teams going into week 13. They have played two ranked teams but barely snuck out a win on a bad University of Baylor team. They are underdogs even though there undefeated. There knock is that they play in a bad article


  1. USC is a well-rounded team that benefited from the transfer portal with Heisman candidate Caleb Williams. USC is one of the best teams and only wins if Caleb Williams is healthy. They lost to Utah though even though it is a top-15 school but Utah is not that impressive


  1. Ohio st has one of the best offenses in college football. Even though their defense is lacking this year they are still 11-1 but them getting blown out by Michigan. If they did not get almost doubled by The University of Michigan they are still in the race.


Even though the top two are guaranteed anything could change the whole top 5 could look completely different. Tcu could lose and be out of it and if USC loses Ohio state could sneak in. No matter what happens The University of Michigan is in it either way.