Journalism, the Semester Long Class!

Mackenzie Nellis, Reporter

Journalism is a semester-long elective for seventh-grade students, taught by Mrs. Horvath. In the class, you get to choose whether you want to be a reporter for Friday 5, or be a writer for 

Choosing the Friday 5 option is a great choice for you if you are an outgoing person that loves to be recognized. If you like to be more on the “down low” I would recommend choosing to be a writer for 


 “I like journalism because of how much freedom we have to choose what topic we want to write/report about.” Amelia Pan is a Reporter for the Friday 5 and has so much to tell you about journalism. “For people who have journalism next semester, I would tell them to pick a subject that they enjoy talking or writing about.” 


Sophia Kendal is a writer for and loves journalism. She loves how she has so much freedom and can choose her topics. “Journalism starts off not as exciting, but when you get deeper into the semester it becomes more interesting and fun.”