3 Top Christmas Gifts for Boys


Declan Quinn and Lucas Dyc

Christmas Day is fastly approaching and people don’t know what to get or even what to ask for. The middle schoolers are getting together their wishlist and these are the most popular gifts.

  1. Xbox X: With an Xbox X, you can play video games, talk with friends and meet new people online. You can find these at Walmart and Bestbuy
  2. Airpods: With Airpods you can listen to music and nobody will hear it, You can also do the same with calling friends. They have long battery life and the case is a portable charger.
  3. Shoes, Shoes can vary from very expensive to not expensive but some of the top ones are Yeezy’s to vans and all the way to jordans. You could probably find these at most stores.

Some less pricey gifts that kids ACTUALLY want in their stockings are…

  1. LED Lights, to put anywhere they’d like.

2. Gift cards to a place they want again doesn’t have to be expensive.

3.  Video games are a way to play games without downloading them on your console and some of them are very cheap