Why Don’t Some People Participate in Gym Class?

Mr. Almachys 3rd hour gym class.

Howaida Saad

Mr. Almachy’s 3rd hour gym class.

Avery West, Reporter

Gym class is a semester-long elective class people can choose to take taught by Mr. Almachy or Mr.Wells.  Some students are very competitive in this class, but others could care less and don’t try/participate. I picked some people to interview that are in 3rd and 4th-hour gym classes, so let’s hear their opinions about this topic.  

Avery Wilson, a 7th grader, has shared, “I do participate, unlike my friend, Sophia Kendall.” She also has shared with me, “I think people should participate in Gym unless you are hurt, or have an injury.”

Amelia Pan, a 7th grader, told me “I participate to an extent.” she has also put, “if you participate, good for you, but if you don’t I don’t really care.” 

Isla Jones, a 7th grader, announced, “I do participate.” she has also shared “If you don’t participate due to something like changing, you need to get it together.”

I am in 3rd-hour Gym, and I think you should try your best. However, some people are better in other areas. Some people aren’t as athletic, and that’s okay! I believe you should participate because it is a big part of your grade. Another part of your grade is changing your clothes, attitude, effort, and your test average.  So in conclusion, you should always try your best to participate to the best of your abilities!!