What break is your favorite?


Viviana Buzzelli poses by the Christmas tree in the counseling center.

Elyse Regner, Reporters

Kids are counting down the days until Winter Break. Which made me wonder, what break do kids look forward to the most? Here are the major breaks, besides summer break, from school:

  • Thanksgiving Break is from November 23 till the 27th
  • Christmas Break is from December 26th till January 9th
  • Winter Break is only one day and that special day is on February 20th. 
  • The last break that the student will get is Spring Break from March 27th till April 31st 


Lexie Fox- “My favorite break is Christmas break. This is my favorite break because I get to spend time with my family and sleep in a lot. I get to hangout with friends. And because Christmas is during this break, and Christmas is my favorite holiday too. If I could extend this break I would make it like two days longer so we don’t get out two days before Christmas.” 

Norah Perkins-“My favorite break is Christmas. Because we get to sleep in, get new presents, hang out with friends like every day, and don’t have to worry about school during the week. If I could extend my break I would make it another week longer because we come back a week and then have no school the next Monday, so like then we could have no school that week and then also have one extra day off. Then we also wouldn’t have a full week of school and then the week after that we have two half days.” 

Avery Wilson- “My favorite break is Christmas break. Because I love how Christmas is in that break and I get new things. I get to hang out with my friends and sleep in. If I could extend my break I would extend it for a week before, so then we don’t get off of break two days before another break.”

In my opinion, I have been noticing that lots of student’s favorite break is Christmas break because it’s the longest out of all the breaks. I also noticed that lots of kids do not like that we don’t get the day off before Christmas Eve.

Hang in there for 3 more weeks until you get to be at home with family and friends. Keep SLAYING all day!!!!