A life-changing lesson you learned.

A life-changing lesson you learned.

Kayleigh Tennant, Reporter

“Never give up,” said 6th grader Jack Caveney. I really like this quote because it is very powerful in many different ways.

 “What goes around comes around,” said gym teacher Mr. Almachy. Also said by Paul Crump in the book Burn Killer Burn.

“When I was 8 I was having a bad morning and my mom decided to surprise me by bringing my dog to come to pick me up. So he was in the car so then I got in the car and then we got groceries and I wasn’t in the car with him and then so when we got home we were unpacking the groceries we thought he was in the car, but he got out and he ran into the street and got hit by a car and I cried a lot that day so that is a lesson I learned.” said 7th grader Riley Zajas. 

My favorite quote: “The only impossible journey is one you never begin” by Tony Robbins. I like this quote because it shows me to keep going no matter how tough it gets because I know to keep my journey going even if it is hard.

I wrote this because I want people to know what others are going through. Some of these people in the article make me think before I speak and have a good attitude about everything even though I may have mixed emotions about something.