Siblings in the Stands


Alyssa Demeester

Canton Boys Hockey line up for before the game.

Alyssa Demeester, Reporter

When you have a younger or older sibling that plays sports, it can be a lot of fun. 

For me, my older brother, Riley, plays hockey for Canton High School. My brother has played hockey for many years. Throughout those years, I have met friends that have a younger or older sibling on the team. When I go to my brother’s hockey games, I get to see and hang out with some of them. My family asks me why I go to all of the games I can, it’s because when watching him play, it’s full of excitement and I love it. 

As expected, when you watch sports it will contain many different emotions. Happy, nervous, and relieved are just a few. 

Watching the opposing team skate down the ice with their hockey stick in hand. Skating the puck down the ice to try and shoot the puck and hope they score, but the goalie makes the save. The Canton Hockey crowd whistles and shouts. But most of all, my mom, the mother of the goalie, squeezes my arm and smiles so proudly at her son.

In high school, you only have 4 years until you graduate and go to college. So, while you have the time and opportunities, join teams. Because you can create memories with friends and coaches that you can think back to when you are older. 

My brother is a 16-year-old sophomore and I love attending his games and cheering him on. He is in his second year of high school and I have gone to all of his games. Cheering him on is so much fun and full of emotions. And in the end, supporting your siblings is one of the best feelings and things you could do.