The best royal icing to decorate with!


Ceci Barker

Cookies decorated with royal icing.

Cecilia Barker, Writer

Every year I go to my Grandma’s house and make some really delicious cookies. The sweet smell of cookie dough always fills the room. Later, we make royal icing that is sweet, silky, and smooth. We always laugh and have a great time!

Many great cookies we have made were for parties and other events! We use a butter knife to spread the royal icing on sugar cookies and for others, we use a piping bag. Sometimes we don’t even use icing because the cookie doesn’t call for it.

We also do many cakes and cupcakes and for those we use buttercream. We use a piping bag to help with details and with the filling of the cake.

Today, I want to share my grandmother’s royal icing recipe. I love this icing because we have used it on our sugar cookies for Christmas. The little shapes and little sprinkles we use to put on top. It is sugary and very sweet. We dye it with different colors and make stripes or polka dots or weird designs.

The recipe:

  • 2Lb sugar, powdered, sifted
  • ¾ cups water boiling
  • 2 tbsp vanilla

Gradually add water to sugar in a stand mixer. Then add vanilla. Beat with a whisk attachment until smooth (Thin, if necessary, to be spread). Make sure you dye them different colors and have fun decorating your cookies!