Ohio State might play Michigan again!?


Autographed Michigan Football.

Jeffrey Androsian

Michigan and Ohio State fans are eager to potentially watch another rivalry game. 

If Michigan Football beats Texas Christian University (TCU) in the Fiesta Bowl, and if Ohio State Football beats Georgia University in the Peach Bowl, then Ohio State with play Michigan in the  Championship game.

Can Michigan beat OSU again? In the regular season game, Michigan’s running back Donovan Edwards overran OSU’s defense. Donovan Edwards got two long touchdowns, one touchdown was 75 yards and the second one was 85 yards. 

I think that Ohio State can beat Georgia If they play well, Ohio States Offense is looking good, and Might have a chance against Georgia, But Georgia also has a very good offense, personally I think it will be a good game to watch even if you aren’t an Ohio State fan or Georgia fan.

 When Ohio State played Michigan they got 350 Receiving yards and completed 31 out of 48 thrown passes. And Michigan completed 14 out of 24 thrown passes for 278 Receiving yards.