Ideas to Light Up Your Holiday


Caitlyn Blasch

Christmas Tree in Downtown Plymouth.

Alyssa Demeester, Reporter

My family and I really enjoy Christmas time and we get super excited when the time finally comes around. My family and I have a few Christmas traditions we do every year. One of them is where we go look at Christmas lights just a few days before Christmas.

We have gone to Hines Park LightFest, (

MIS Speedway, (

Magic of Lights, (

And Wild Lights at the Detroit zoo, (

This year for our yearly Christmas lights drive, we are going to the Detroit Zoo. 

Before we go, we always stop at a store and buy slushies from 7/11 and usually any type of candy we want.

My dad is a person who absolutely loves Christmas time. Every night I see him watching Christmas movies with my mom. And whenever I say I hope school goes by quicker so we can get to Winter Break, he always says that he loves Christmas time and he really hates how it can go by so fast.

Every year for 12 years, we have gone to see Christmas lights. Every year we try to find a new place to go and it is so much fun. The sight of colorful Christmas lights that are hung up brings so much Christmas cheer to me and my family.

I haven’t gone to see the lights this year yet, but we are planning on going soon. And I am super excited to do it again this year.