BSU At West


Eva Radke, Reporter

Ms. Haynes, Dean of Students, has started a Black Student Union at West. This is a great opportunity for black students to appreciate their commonalities and celebrate their differences. 

“The BSU stands for the Black Student Union, and it means acceptance to me.  It provides a safe space for students to be themselves,” said Ms. Haynes. “The BSU has approximately 30 participants who meet monthly in the Collaboration Room during Primetime.  Their parents also meet monthly to discuss topics that will help them feel connected to West.”

Ms. Haynes also noted that of all the five middle schools, West has the lowest African Amaerican student population, this can make some students feel isolated at school.

In January, the Black Student Union will have an ally meeting. This means that anyone can come to the meeting with their friend from the union. At this meeting, Mrs. Davies will be sharing books to help us learn about black acceptance and black pride.

In a perfect world, there would be an equal amount of diversity with race, ethnicity and religion at all schools.

If you see racist behavior or hear racist comments, you should report this immediately to a West Staff Member.