Games to play on Ps5


Jack Roehl, writer

Do you have a Ps5? Do you not know what to play? I will be recommending games you should play on Ps5 that I have been playing.


One game many people like to play is 2k23. In 2k23 there are many modes, like “my career” which is my personal favorite. In “my career” you can start off as a rookie, choose your team and play against online players to try to get better. “It’s a good game,” says West Student Jackson Myers.

Another fun game on Ps5 is Fifa23. It’s a lot like 2k, but it’s a soccer version where you can open up packs to get new players for your team and try to become the best team. You can also go against friends and use existing teams to play in the World Cup.

A game I have been playing lately is called Ark Survival Evolved. You start off with nothing on an island trying to gather resources to survive against dinosaurs and try to evolve to get better. The better you get, the more you get, and you can tame dinosaurs.

Jackson Myers said, “ My favorite game is Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2, my favorite part about the game is the “campaign mode” because there are fun levels on it and I like to play DMZ (which is a gamemode if you don’t know) with my friends”. I agree with this because I have played it before and it is really fun.

Overall, there are many games you can play on Ps5 and if you don’t have any of these I recommend you should go try them out.