What class students would add to West.


Jackson Myers

Have you ever thought of adding a class to West? I interviewed some students of West Middle School. Here is what class they would add. 


West student Bryce Harlin stated,”I would add a video game class because there is nothing fun to do here. During recess you could go to the class and just play on your Xbox. It would also be way more fun to play games with your friends.”

West student Jack Roehl stated,” I would want to add a gaming room because it would be fun. You could also log into your own account and play all of your games. And also if people don’t want to go outside during recess because it is cold then they could go inside and play video games.”

West student Jeffrey Androsian stated,” I would probably add a football class because a lot of students like to play football and a lot of people would probably join the class. And it would be a fun class throughout the day. It would be really cool if we had a field goal post so we could kick field goals.”

West student Cieran Sosa stated, “ I want an architecture class because it would be fun to build and design whatever type of building you want. You could even try to make a building with legos or something else. I think that would be a very fun class to take.”

Personally, I would like a class just for basketball. It would be fun to play with your friends. In gym, sometimes you only play basketball for a short time, but with a basketball class you could play basketball all the time.