Pussin boots just exploded with his popularity!


Dian Artemieva, writer

Puss in boots just exploded with his popularity!

After DreamWorks Animation released Puss in boots at the end of 2022, it became one of the most popular movies 2023.

The movie is about a cat that wore boots and how he said, “I laugh in the face of death”. He had 9 lives and wasted 8 of them. Then Death came to kill him last time and he finally was afraid to lose his last life so he went to grannies house, that is like a house of cats. 

First of all, he didn’t want to live there, but then he deals with it and lived there like other cats. One night, he sees another talking cat that takes him out of there and tells that he can get his life back by getting a special diamond. So he starts looking for it while Death is trying to kill him. Finally, he decided to fight him and he wins this fight. 

I think that this second movie is different from the first one because the plot is more interesting and it seems like not only kids watch it now. Movie includes different emotions, it includes failures and success, it makes you think what would you do in this situation and how does the cat feel.

Overall, a 1 hour 40 min movie is popular for a good reason. Thank you to the authors of this great movie!