Top 5 Favorite Drinks!


sophia Kendall and Mackenzie Nellis

This week we went to Mrs. Bazzi’s 4th hour PBL class and asked different students what their favorite drinks are. We interviewed Avery Wilson, Oliva Dent, Stella Stotz, Joslyn Dawley, Norah Perkins, Nolan Stalter, and Nick Hayes.

“My favorite drink is  Pepsi because it’s really good,” Avery Wilson 7th grader has been a Pepsi fan for longer than she can even think of. “No, I don’t think I would want an endless supply of Pepsi because it’s really unhealthy and I don’t want to have health issues.”

Oliva Dent, also a 7th grader, “My favorite drink is Sprite because it’s a good lemon/lime mix” Oliva would also not have not had an unlimited supply of sprite because of how unhealthy that would be.

“My favorite drink is Cherry Coca Cola.,” Stella Stotz Likes cherry coca cola because “No other drink is as good. No I would not want an unlimited supply of coke” 

Joslyn Dawleys favorite drink is dr pepper. “I like Dr. Pepper because of the mix of tastes that it has. It’s really good” She doesn’t think she would want an endless supply of this because of how it’s not healthy.  

Nolan Stalters favorite drink is also Dr. Pepper because of the flavors. “No I wouldn’t have an unlimited supply of Dr. Pepper because it’s unhealthy”

Everyone has a favorite drink, food, clothing brand, etc. What’s yours?