What is Science Olympiad?


Cecilia Barker, reporter

Science Olympiad is a place where you do different events that are based on science. It is so much fun and you are always doing the fun part of science. You do experiments, blookets, kahoots, and study on fun websites.

In the Science Olympiad no one is alone. You have a partner for each of your events. Also your partner is not assigned, you can choose your partner. Everyone gets a partner so sometimes  friend groups are broken up. 

You also get to choose your events. There are 23 to choose from. Each team member gets to choose in between four and six events. Which might seem small but you have to study, build, and prepare for your events. 

The competition is on March 4th and is going to be a lot of fun. Also there are different tests and schedules for it. Diagrams and paper tests are the kind of tests that Science olympiad members have to complete. Each test can be around thirty to over 100 questions long. It is like a midterm but it isn’t worth your grade.

There are two teams, one for varsity and another for junior varsity. Each is split up by grade and love for science. I am on the varsity team and I have a lot of fun with it. All of the team members that are in varsity are in 7t and 8th grade. All of the JVs are 6th grade.

 If you are interested next year you can join! Every year, the Science Olympiad starts around November and ends in March in Mrs.Culbert’s room. I hope to see you there!