West Students Love Bath & Body Works’ Scents


Rows of perfumes at Bath & Body Works in Ann Arbor.

Norah Perkins and Madelyn Bobby

Right when she walks in the doors, she smells so many scents and sees so many colors, the employee asks her if she wants a bag. This joyful experience is shared by many West 7th grade girls who have shopped for their favorite Bath and Body Works products. 

Adleigh, West student, stated that she uses Bath and Body works products “My favorite product is perfume and I like to use the scents ‘Peppermint Twist’ and ‘Warm Vanilla Sugar.'” Adleigh enjoys these scents because they smell sweet and are overall delightful.

Lexie, West students, says she does use the brand [Bath and Body Works] and has loads of perfume, “My favorite scent is ‘Into the Night’…It reminds me of one of my favorite Tiktokers, Alix Earle. Also, if I only use a little perfume people can smell it and they compliment me.”

Mia, West student, uses the brand all the time, she says that she likes to use their perfume, “My favorite scent is ‘At the Beach’…it smells like the ocean and reminds me of summer.”

Elyse also loves Bath and Body Works. She likes the lotion and the perfume the best. Her favorite scents are “Into the Night” and “Warm Vanilla Sugar”. “They smell bright and make me feel good,” she states.

We 100% recommend Bath and Body Works. The perfume is cheap around $15 to $18 and the variety of items is insane. The store sell things like wallflowers, men’s cologne, perfume, candles, lotion, shower gel, hand sanitizer and so much more. If you’re ever near a store, go inside and hopefully you will like Bath and Body Works just as much as we do.